Who is Désjà Vu?

With boundless optimism, a good dose of humor, a colorful drawing board and countless conversations, Désjà Vu was born.  We stand for individuality, authenticity and self-expression. Désjà Vu designs surprising fashion creations and gives art a place in your everyday life.

The scarf for you!


Karen Wullings

Karen Wullings is the artist and creative brain behind Désjà Vu.
Karen is known as an illustrator for Ogeltje, Gein Konijn & Bordy's.
She illustrates cards, children's books, signs and much more.
But she always had one long cherished dream and for that she had to go back to her roots:
Making autonomous work, accessible for everyone.


As a scarf to wear all day long or as a painting to look at with pleasure.  With her love for animals she gives each animal its own character. With creativity and a touch of humor she likes to take you into her world. The world of Désjà Vu, because everything is possible.


Wendy Bruin

Wendy Bruin, the commercial brain behind Désjà Vu. I think of ways to introduce as many people as possible to Désjà Vu so that everyone can enjoy and be happy with the colourful, funny designs. The high quality, softness and the combination of the best silk and the best lambswool give a feeling of security, warmth and luxury. My mission: to make the designs accessible as art that you can carry with you all day or as a painting to be looked at with pleasure. 

My goal is to combine a feeling with a smile, security, warmth and luxury. From a good idea to the concept, the art and a passionate mission, I bring it all together. So that after a while recognition arises.

The feeling of a 'Désjà Vu'.

On behalf of Désjà Vu;
Will you let us know if the designs have given you a smile?  Which design is your favorite?
Or maybe you're already the proud owner of one of the designs of Désjà Vu?


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